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        The SPF (SP) type digital lock balance-valve
        Patent Number: 91210079.6

        Brief introduction of the product

        The SPF(SP)type digital lock balance-valve is used for balancing the hydraulic regime of the liquid circulation network. It possesses the excellent characters about the control, the blockage, the opening rate display and the opening rate lock. It can save energy and electricity when it is used in the heat-supply system or the air-conditioning system.

        Function and characters

        ●Excellent control character
        ●Excellent back-prevention character
        ●Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa
        ●Medium temperature: 0-150°C
        ●The accuracy of the opening rate display: 1/10 ring.
        ●The theoretical flow characteristics line approximately is equal percentage. When the opening rate of the valve is 30-50%, the actual flow characteristics line is linear.

        ●The valve possesses the character of the locked opening rate, only the managing staff can change the designed state.
        ●The valve can control the pressure and the flow conveniently and effectively. The auxiliary intellectual meter can display the working pressure difference and the flow so as to direct and memorize the balance adjustment scheme.
        ●Because PTFE is sealed up and the sealing character is reliable, so the valve has a long-span life.
        ●According to the opening percentage and the pressure difference between the upstream and the
        downstream, we can calculate out the flow through the valve.

        The inner components are made of stainless steel and alloy copper, and possess good anti-corrosiveness.
        ●The inner up-down valve pole doesn’t need reserve room for operation.
        ●The material of the valve body: grey cast iron, carbon cast steel, forging alloy copper.

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